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COVID Recovery Program at Healthpointe

COVID-19 Recovery Program

at Healthpointe Medical Clinics in Southern California




COVID Recovery Physicians

For some, recovery from COVID-19 doesn’t mean an end to serious or even debilitating symptoms. Lingering symptoms or other complications can continue to plague many COVID-19 victims for weeks or even months.


COVID Treatments

Your treatment will be customized to meet your specific needs, and will draw upon the expertise of a multidisciplinary team.

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Why Choose Healthpointe?

Why should you choose Healthpointe for your healthcare needs?

Our innovative COVID RECOVERY PROGRAM features the expertise of multiple health professionals to help battle the lingering long-haul effects of COVID-19. Continue Reading…

  • Board Certified Physicians We have physicians Board Certified in multiple specialties, which we select specifically to target your specific symptoms and lingering after effects of COVID-19.
  • Pain Management Our physical therapists and chiropractors and are here to help restore your strength and guide you through rehabilitation.
  • Physical Therapy/Chiropractic Healthpointe offers immediate access to care for urgent medical needs with 24-hour coverage.
  • Additional Medical Specialists Whatever your ailment due to COVID-19, our team will evaluate and recommend a specialist to help you as much as possible. These specialists include ENTs, Psychologists, Orthopedists, Internal Medicine practitioners, and General Physicians.

Care For Those Suffering Post-COVID

Healthpointe is motivated by our passion for patient care. We will do the utmost to treat any illnesses and physical troubles that have resulted from COVID-19 and get you back to your best physical condition.